Apr 2, 2015

The Full-Term Waiting Game {Pregnancy Update}

Bags are packed.

Everything but the cooler (which will hold food) and my and Dylan's clothing bags (which will need toiletries added last-minute) is already stored in the back of the car.

All of the crucial baby supplies needed for the first few weeks have been acquired.

The car seat has been installed.

The house is in a general state of orderliness.

Freezer meals have been cooked.

And now... we wait.

I'm not sure whether I feel impatient about it, or whether I'm hoping for a few more weeks of pregnancy so that I can get a few more non-baby projects done.  Part of me wishes for a few more weeks worth of (mostly) sleeping through the night, while another part of me is oh-so-ready to not be pregnant anymore and actually see the sweet baby I've been imagining for so long.

Dylan's work schedule dictates that the closer Nutella is born to her due date, the better.  For that reason I'm definitely in favor of her staying put for a bit yet, but I think I'll be upset if she's at all late.  I'm the oldest of seven, and my mom had all of her babies early or on their due date.  Which doesn't mean much of anything other than that I'm not used to having babies arrive late, and that I'll be thrown off guard if this little girl isn't here by the 20th.

At 37-and-a-half-weeks I'm more agile than I expected I'd be, but I definitely still feel very ungainly and cumbersome.  Tying my shoes is a challenge, as leaning forward means that baby gets wedged into my diaphragm and cuts off most of my air supply.  For this reason alone I think I'll be very glad when she "drops" and doesn't hang out underneath my ribs anymore.

In other, related news, I'm looking forward to actually seeing how the cloth diapers I've got will work in practice.  Since I'm planning to use 'sposies for the first couple weeks I thought at first that I might be able to get away with diving into using one-size covers right away, but hearing from other moms convinced me otherwise... I've now got a couple newborn/small covers in my stash, and hopefully I'll get another one sewn up today.

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