Mar 8, 2015

Weekly Goals - 3/8

Goals From Last Week:
  1. Finish reorganizing craft supplies
    Done.  I have a feeling that the current way things are organized is temporary, but it works until I have a better method.
  2. Sew baby tunic
    Not done - but I did sew a baby hat and a wet bag for cloth diapering.  So... I'm not worried about the unfinished tunic.
  3. Earn $30
    Not done.  Again, crazy schedules kept this from happening.  C'est la vie.
  4. Work on customizing diaper bag
    Done.  Have a I mentioned that I don't like hand sewing?  No?  Well, I don't like hand sewing.
    I had plans to add lots of stuff to the bag, but ended up mostly just removing little ugly spots and adding a single zippered pocket to the front before calling it done.  Perhaps I'll have more inspiration later and add more to the bag, but not now.
  5. Wash sheets
  6. Make new housecleaning schedule/system
  7. Start seriously planning curtains and wall hangings
    Done.  I'm finally starting to feel like I have a sense of direction for how I want to decorate the rooms in here.

Goals For This Week:
  1. Freezer cooking
  2. Earn $20+
  3. Start sewing baby gym
  4. Trim hair, try out two new hairstyles
  5. Start planting garden
  6. Out of town trip - midwife appointment & visit Joann's fabric store
  7. Do one thing to improve home decor
  8. Sew a new maternity top

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