Feb 22, 2015

Weekly Goals - February 22

Goals from this Past Week:

  1. Earn $30+ online - done
    Current amount earned: $37
  2. Order Birthing Kit - done
  3. Exercise 4-5 days of the week - not done
    While I tried to make sure I got some mild physical activity in each day, I really didn't do enough to label it "exercising".
  4. "Decorate" diaper bag - not done 
    This ended up getting put on the back burner, but I did sew a pair of baby leggings and another baby sleep gown.  
  5.  Work on adding snaps to 1 or 2 diapers - done
    After adding snaps to one diaper, I realized that a standard snap pattern wasn't going to work due to the long length of the wings.  I might add more snaps later, but I'm going to wait and see how the diapers work in actual use before I started revising them all.
  6. Make and freeze a batch of waffles - done
    Did this, and having waffles on hand was even more useful than I expected - we managed to eat the entire batch during the week.  Freezing them long-term probably isn't going to happen, but I think I'm going to make and store batches more frequently.
  7. Mop all floors in the house - done

Finally, you may have noticed that I left off the item, "Paint office" from this list.  After not getting it done for two weeks in a row I didn't want to set it as a goal again, especially since Dylan's schedule still wasn't set in stone.

Thankfully, however, we did get it done!  Yay!  The room was a drab yellowish-brown, and now it's pale gray.  SO much more cheerful, and the room is better lit now, too.

Goals for this Next Week:

  1. Sew 3 items of baby clothing
    I'm slowing down somewhat when it comes to more physically-demanding household tasks, but sewing is definitely something I can still handle with ease.  Since baby girl's wardrobe is still a bit short on some items, this is the perfect time to add to it.
  2. Exercise 4-5 days of the week
    Yep, re-listing this again with hopes of it actually happening this week...
  3. Earn $35+ this week
    Since I've already managed to hit this number in the past couple weeks, it seems safe to raise my goal up this far.
  4. Tidy & Organize craft & sewing supplies
    As I've gradually accumulated more and more stuff I've also let it get sloppier and disorganized.  Time to remedy that.
  5. Purchase car seat
    I'd rather not put this off until the last moment, as I don't know how much energy I'll have a few weeks from now - and if Nutella decides to make a surprise early arrival, it'll be one less thing to worry about.
  6. Finish reading Economics in One Lesson
    Yes, this is the same book which was on my list to finish the other week.  I completely forgot about it last week, so I'm adding it to the list again so that I'll at least remember its existence.
  7. Clean paint splatters of floor
    While mopping this week I noticed that there were quite a few paint spots on the floors which never got cleaned up.  
  8. Repaint wall in kitchen
    One wall in the kitchen needs a quick second coat of paint.

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