Feb 15, 2015

Weekly Goals - February 15

Goals from this Past Week:

  1. Paint office - Not done
    Once again, Dylan's schedule just didn't allow for this.  It would be nice to be able to cross this off of the list, but the overtime pay he got for the extra hours put in are nice compensation.
  2. Make and freeze a batch of cookie dough - Done
  3. Shopping trip: spend less than $30 - Done - sort of
    I ended up spending the entire amount of $30, rather than staying under it - but that's okay.  This was more of a want-to than a need-to, anyway.  :)
  4. Finish reading A 50-Year Silence and Economics in One Lesson - Partly done
    A Fifty-Year Silence was finished, and I reviewed it here.  Economics in One Lesson, however, I'm still in the middle of reading.
  5. Finish at least one baby sewing project - Done
    You can see the results here.
  6. Make list of what needs to be bought & packed for birth - Done
    I'm glad to find that much of what we need is already on hand, and the next few weeks I'll work on purchasing the remainder of what is needed.
  7. Earn $30+ online - Done
    This week's earnings are around $35.  Yay!

Goals for this Next Week:

  1. Earn $30+ online 
    I'm tempted to raise this a few dollars, since I've been successful during the last couple weeks.  However, I don't want to set it too high, and I'd rather keep it low enough to be easily reached right now rather than make it too difficult and face burnout.  
  2. Order Birthing Kit
    My midwife technically doesn't require this to be ordered for another few weeks, but I'd rather have it crossed off the list sooner than later.
  3. Exercise 4-5 days of the week
    I didn't do all that well on staying active during this past week, so I'm hoping to improve that this week.
  4. "Decorate" diaper bag"I got a simple black and gray backpack at the Thrift Store last week, and I'm thinking to decorate it a bit and perhaps add an internal pocket or two and call it a diaper bag, rather than trying to make something from scratch or use a traditional ready-made bag.
  5.  Work on adding snaps to 1 or 2 diapers
    The diaper pattern I used is made to be fastened with a safety pin, but I recently bought a snap press and snaps, so I'd like to try to modify one of the diapers I've already made and see if it works well with snaps.  If I really like it I might go ahead and modify all the diapers that way, but right now I'm just going to try it on one or two diapers.
  6. Make and freeze a batch of waffles
    Found a waffle iron on sale the other week, and bought it on an impulse.  I'm glad I did, too - I'd forgotten how much I like waffles.
  7. Mop all floors in the house
    Since our house has hardwood and tile flooring throughout, vacuuming isn't as effective as I'd like. 

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