Feb 3, 2015

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home | Week 4

You may have noticed that I slacked off the last few days on posting daily updates, and as of this morning I've officially decided to give them up.  Posting every day, I've found, takes way too much time for me to do well.  I'd rather post far less frequently with more interesting and well-written posts.

Furthermore, as I mentioned here I already make daily checklists for myself, so that really isn't anything new.  The weekly checklists, however, have been helpful and I want to keep that up.  But coming up with something to say about what I did each day is too taxing, especially on days where I actually did stuff and tired myself out.

Anyway, without any further ado - my checklist for this week.

  1. Paint office
  2. Finish sewing nursing cover
  3. Organize and clean bathroom cabinets
  4. Vacuum entire house
  5. Make 2-3 freezer meals
  6. Clean out car
  7. Earn at least $30 online

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