Feb 9, 2015

29 Weeks - Maternity Photoshoot

Dylan's sister was in town last week and offered to do a quick maternity photo shoot with Dylan and I.  These are a handful of my favorites.

Cold drinks have been something which I've craved throughout the pregnancy, so this "milkshake" (which was actually just colored milk... shh, don't tell anyone) was included to show that element.  We also did other shots to show things like me sewing baby clothes and such...

Tiny baby shoes... gotta love 'em.  Goodness, baby feet are so adorable.

We tried to avoid doing a ton of cliche photos, but this one was pretty much required, it seems.

Brr, was it cold out there!  We raced back inside after shooting a few photos in the frigid wind, and it was quite a relief to find that despite our haste there were several really nice photos as a result.

There were quite a few other lovely photos as well, but I'm running short on time and other tasks are calling to me, so I'm going to stop here.  :)

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