Jan 4, 2015

Second Trimester Ramblings

It's hard for me to believe that in just a few short weeks I'll be entering the third trimester of pregnancy.  Since I'm aiming to accomplish everything needs to be done before baby by week 35 or 36, the end of this pregnancy seems to be drawing to a close rather rapidly.

At the same time, it still feels like the fact that I have another person growing inside me hasn't totally set in yet.  The whole concept seems semi-unreal and bizarre, which isn't a part of pregnancy that I had anticipated.  Feeling Nutella kick and roll around makes everything seem more real, but even so it's hard to believe that I'll be holding her in my arms in just a few short months.

I can't say I've experienced any major, spur-of-the-moment nesting urges yet, but realizing how much time I have left is definitely helping to fuel my motivation to get things done.

Dylan and I also painted the main area of the house, which has been on the to-do list for a while.  It still needs a final coat before we can call it "done", but just getting the ugly yellowish color out of the room has already improved it tremendously.   The same ugly color was used throughout the rest of the house as well, but since we spend the bulk of our time in the main room (which is a combination kitchen/dining room/living room) it had the highest priority on the to-paint list.

I had planned to start blogging my way through the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home checklist starting this week, but an unexpected death in the family has caused those plans to be set aside until next week.  My sister-in-law and her husband are staying here with us so as to be closer to family, and we have a midwife appointment later this week as well, which basically means that there will be no extra time for scrubbing or cleaning. 

All of this isn't what I had hoped for or planned for this week, but one of the things I learned in 2014 was to be more flexible and not to get upset over disrupted plans.  It's life.  This blog and the house and my plans will still be here next week.

On another note, I've encountered hip pain from this pregnancy for the first time this last week or so.  I wake up feeling fine, but by late afternoon my hips are achy feel like they're out of joint.  It's tempting to feel sorry for myself, but since I've had an extremely easy pregnancy thus far I really shouldn't be whining.  I managed to avoid all but some mild morning sickness, and my only other complaint was a short bout of round ligament pain.

Weeks 24-28 of pregnancy are said to be the time when baby is most active, due to the fact that they have room to move and are also strong enough to be felt very easily.  I'm definitely finding this to be true so far, as I can feel a lot of movement almost every time I sit still for a while or lay down at all. 

Anyway... my coffee cup is empty, so I'm going to end this rambling post.

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