Jan 9, 2015

Maternity Re-Fashion | Green Striped Shirt

What I did: This was a fairly simple re-fashion.  While clothes shopping in the local thrift store I found a size-L (I normally wear S or XS) women's shirt which fit me fairly well in the shoulders and sleeves, but was baggy elsewhere.  I cut off the sleeves, then the bottom of the shirt at an empire-waist level and put several darts in the top part to make it fit more snugly.

Then I took the lower part of the shirt and cut off the buttons and buttonhole parts, sewing the raw edges together. After that I reattached the lower part of the shirt, rotating it so that the new seam was in the back and gathering all the excess to the front area of the shirt.

Two simple pieces of elastic in both the center front and back of the shirt helped ensure a more flattering fit, and after reattaching the sleeves I was done! :)

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