Jan 1, 2015

Baby Gowns

Happy New Year!  I hope your holiday season was full of joy and God's blessings. 

It's hard to believe that 2014 is over, and yet when I look back at the past year I'm amazed at all that has happened in it.  Even with a baby on the way 2015 seems sure to be less eventful, though I'm certain it will hold many adventures as well.  :)

One of my recent sewing projects has been to refashion Dylan's unwanted t-shirts into baby gowns using this tutorial and pattern.  It's a quick, easy project, and now that I've got the method down it took me less than an hour to create this latest gown, which is my third.

Alterations: I added the lace so as to make it more feminine and less boring, and I really think it helps make the nightie seem a lot nicer.  I considered adding some more lace to the edges of the sleeves, but for the sake of keeping it comfortable for baby I choose not to do so.

The only other alteration I made was to hem the sleeves before sewing the sides together.  I followed the exact tutorial with the first gown I made, but found that the sleeves were so tiny that sewing them was a bit of a headache. 

These are all the baby gowns I've made thus far, and I think the next one I make will have to be pink...  The gray one was made and blue one was cut out before we found out that we were having a girl, so they aren't overly feminine - although I did add a little butterfly to the blue so as to make it seem a bit less boyish.  I'll need to find some other source of fabric if I want pink, though, since Dylan's shirts are definitely not overtly feminine in their coloring at all.  :)

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