Jan 26, 2015

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home | Week 3 - Day 1

Today I'm beginning the 3rd week of my 4-week long challenge to organize the house better before baby arrives.  I'm loosely following the checklist given by MoneySavingMom.com, so go here if you'd like to download the daily schedule for yourself.

Today's Checklist:
  • Make a list of 5-10 goals for this week
  • Complete daily tasks
  • Tidy house
  • Clean out kitchen drawers
  • Clean part of the bathroom floor
  • Calculate square footage of the rooms left to paint
  • Exercise
  • Work online for an hour or more

I'm nearly finished cleaning up the grout in the bathroom, which is very encouraging.  I can't say that housecleaning is something I love, but the satisfaction of getting an area squeaky clean and the way that the lack of dirtiness catches my eye for a while afterwards makes the cleaning process more than worth it.

It was rather difficult for me to get into the swing of things today, and I'm not sure why.  Perhaps it was simply tiredness, perhaps it was the fact that Dylan was supposed to have off from work today and ended up working instead.

When I cleaned the silverware drawer last week I did so without realizing that it would show up on the to-do list for today.  Since it didn't need to be re-cleaned so soon, I took this opportunity to clean my four other kitchen drawers.  None of them were terrible messy, but they all had crumbs and such which needed to be gotten rid of.

I also grabbed a tape measure, pen, and paper to calculate how much paint we'll need to completely re-paint the rest of the rooms in our house.  I'm not a math person by any means, but I found myself actually enjoying the little bit of mental exercise.

Today is the last day of the second trimester, which seems unbelievable.  Where has the time gone?!  Only about 12 weeks are left before baby arrives, which is both exciting and slightly terrifying all at once.

List of Goals for Week 3:

  • Finish cleaning bathroom floor
  • Design and sew diaper bag
  • Purchase felt and start sewing felt animals like these.
  • Work on ordering/compiling the birth kit
  • Midwife appointment
  • Paint bathroom?

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