Jan 24, 2015

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home | Week 2 - Day 5

This is the 5th day of the 2nd week of my 4-week long challenge to organize the house well before baby Nutella arrives.  I'm using the schedule made by Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom, so you can go here if you'd like to download the daily schedule for yourself.

Today's Checklist:
  • Plan day, make a list of 5-7 things to accomplish
  • Complete daily tasks - make bed, start laundry, wash dishes, tidy house
  • Set aside 15 minutes to relax
  • Dust fans & clean light fixtures
  1. Work online for an hour
  2. Workout for 20 minutes
  3. Clean part 1 of grout in bathroom
  4. Read 2 chapters of Economics in One Lesson
  5. Shorten blind strings
I'm writing this near the end of the day, and I'm quite tired - too tired to give a lengthy summery of the day, so I'm just going to say, I got it all done.  Now I'm off to finish up making dinner (Turkey Pot Pie) before Dylan gets home.  Later, folks!

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