Jan 15, 2015

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home | Week 1 - Day 4

This is the 4th day of my 4-week long challenge to organize the house well before baby Nutella arrives.  Go here if you'd like to download the daily schedule for yourself.

Today's Checklist:
  •  Make a list of 5-7 things to accomplish today
  • Complete daily tasks (make bed, do a load of laundry, wash dishes, tidy clutter)
  • Clean bathroom - set timer for 15 minutes
  • List 2 items on ebay.com -- This... just didn't happen at all.
  • Clean under couch, bed, and dressers -- Sort of done, but not very thoroughly.  Thankfully these are things that were cleaned under recently, so I'm not fretting about the fact that I didn't get them better done today.
  1. Sew baby dress
  2. Go through Ibotta, Checkout 51, and other similar apps and claim savings on items from yesterday's shopping trip
  3. Clean off front porch
  4. Read 50 pages of Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth
  5. Read 1 chapter of Economics in One Lesson
  6. Exercise for 30+ minutes
  7. Bake granola

Waking up so early yesterday must have messed up my body clock, because I woke up around midnight and then couldn't get back to sleep for over four hours.  Blech.  I finally fell asleep again after 4am, and then got up at 7am and stumbled around in a bleary-eyed manner for a few hours while I got breakfast, read the Guide to Childbirth book and did my daily morning tasks.

I've never disliked childbirth stories, and since childbirth is now inevitable for me I've found them far more interesting... but so far I'm not so sure about some of the stories told in the book.  I'm totally in favor of natural, even "primitive" childbirth, but certain things there seem to be over the top hippie-ish or bizarre.  So... if the story section of the book continues this way, I might skip to the second section which is apparently more facts and less anecdotes. 

 I eventually woke up more thoroughly and checked Ibotta and other similar apps to see if I could get any cash back for items I bought yesterday.  For the first time in quite a while there weren't any, so I just uploaded my Walmart receipt to the Savings Catcher program and went to make granola.

I do have a granola recipe which I generally follow, but this time I just decided to wing it and didn't even measure my ingredients.  It turned out better than my granola normally does, with a nice flavor and the perfect amount of chunks; now I'm sort of which I had measured.  Ha.

 While the granola was baking I moved my attention to sewing up the little baby dress I started earlier this week.  You can find the pattern here, although I will admit to changing some things up - I sewed all seams in such a way that the dress can be reversible, skipped the piping and bias tape, and also made the skirt part narrower.  Because I was hiding all of the seams this project took me longer than I expected, but I'm glad I figured out how to do it nevertheless.

I'll probably use this pattern again, but I'll also cut the shoulder ties to be a bit smaller.  They seem ever-so-slightly bulkier than I'd like.  I still love the way it turned out, however.

At this point I realized I was starting to run out of time, given that Dylan was going to be home and expecting dinner in an hour and a half.  Cleaning the bathroom was definitely a high priority on the to-do list, so I tackled that next, then did some exercising while the floor dried.

I then tidied up the house, cleaned the front porch, and did some stretches to try to help relieve my achy back, then made pizza.  At this point I'm planning on reading Economics in One Lesson after Dylan is home and we've had dinner.

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