Jan 13, 2015

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home | Week 1 - Day 2

This is the second day in my 4-week effort to further organize the house before baby gets here.  If you'd like to follow along, you can download the ebook from MoneySavingmom.com.

Today's Checklist:
  • Make a list of 5-7 things to get done today Done - see list below
  • Do daily tasks (laundry, dishes, bed made, any extra clutter picked up)
  • Clean kitchen - wipe down microwave, mop floor, wipe down cabinets, counters, and fridge exterior
  • List two items on Ebay Only got 1 item listed... C'est la vie.
  • Clean out fridge

First off, my to-do list for this day - fairly short, since Dylan has work off and I prefer to spend time with him rather than houseclean:
  1. Fill out forms from midwife
  2. Make and freeze chicken enchiladas
  3. Find a pattern to use for making a baby outfit and cut out pattern pieces See photos below!
  4. Clean mirrored closet doors in bedroom I was glad to *finally* get this done - the doors have been needing cleaning for a while, and so it was nice to finally get them sparkling again. :)
  5. Mix pizza dough for tomorrow's dinner  I use this recipe from Foodie with Family and it is seriously awesome.  Tastes fantastic, the texture is perfect, and since there is no kneading it's super easy.
 I started out the day by making the bed, starting laundry, and tidying things up from the lounging we did last night while Dylan made breakfast for us. :)  The rest of the day was a combination of lounging around interspersed with getting stuff done.

This is baby dress pattern I chose, and I grabbed decided to make it out of two different fabrics, gingham blue and solid blue.  I already love the cheerful look of the fabrics, so I have high hopes of this being a rewarding project. 

One of the projects I got done was filling out a variety of forms for my midwife - I finally got ahold of the needed insurance information today, so I went ahead and finished up filling those out.

 The fridge wasn't in terrible shape, but that's mostly just because I need to go shopping again.  :P  That's on the schedule for tomorrow, so this actually ended up being the perfect time to get it done.

I didn't do as thorough a job as I could have this time, but it's definitely more orderly and although you can't really tell from the poor-quality iPhone photos, it's cleaner too. 

The only thing I didn't complete off of the list(s) was getting two items up on ebay.  I got one listing done, but ran out of time and energy before getting to a second one.

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