Jan 12, 2015

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home | Week 1 - Day 1

Since baby Nutella will be making her appearance in just a few short months, I'm hoping to take the next few weeks to get the house in better shape.  January seems like a good month to focus on housecleaning, since I'm still energetic and flexible enough to tackle cleaning without exhausting myself.  Hopefully simply maintaining the house won't be too difficult if I get it thoroughly organized now, and I'll be able to focus on other goals, such as filling up the freezer with ready-made meals for after baby's birth.

I'm planning on loosely following the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home series which was posted on MoneySavingMom.com back in 2012, so I'm hoping to check in 5 days/week around 4pm with photos of what I've done.  (Since Dylan's schedule isn't as regular as most, I'm not necessarily going to be doing these straight through Monday-Friday, but I'm going to try to do five days a week regardless.)

Today's Checklist:

  • Make a list of 5-10 goals for this week
  • 30 minute quick-tidy of the house
  • Clean out purse
  • Complete daily tasks - do 1 load of laundry, dishes done, bed made


I'll admit that I nearly forgot about this until the day was more than half over, which means that I ended up feeling a bit caught-off-guard and unprepared.  Thankfully, the house was already mostly in order from the cleaning I did last week before having guests over, but the day still didn't go exactly as I'd hoped.

My list of goals for this week is as follows...

6 Goals for this Week -
  • Exercise for 30 minutes or more at least 4 times this week
  • Apply 2nd coat of paint to living room/kitchen area
  • Sew 1 baby outfit
  • Mop all tiled floors
  • Clean front porch - sweep leaves and clean railings
  • Make 2-3 meals to freeze for later Today I made and froze Chicken Alfredo.
A 30 minute tidy of the house never really happened.  I cleaned up sporadically throughout the day, but never really devoted that much time to just tidying.  As I stated above, the house was already in okay shape, but it still would have benefited from some cleaning.

Clean out purse - 
Now this I got done thoroughly enough to feel satisfied about.  :)

A peek at the inside of my purse before cleaning it out.

I'd thought my purse was fairly clean until I pulled everything out - then I realized I'd been hauling around all sorts of extra stuff.  An old inhaler, gift cards (for stores which we don't frequent often enough to justify carrying them around all the time), hair clips, nail clippers, spare change, and a few other random items I didn't need to have weighting down my purse.

 Here are the items which got put back into my purse after I sorted everything through.
  • My envelope wallet - this is probably the most vital item, for obvious reasons
  • A notepad
  • 2 pens (1 extra because Deelambs and I both like to take notes at church, and since I tend to lose pens rather easily anyway.)
  • Lip balm
  • Tylenol - after dealing with some intense round ligament pain earlier, I feel better knowing this is on hand should I need some pain reliever.
  • 2 band-aids - because there have been multiple times when I've wished for a bandage to stop my shoes from chaffing against my ankles.
  • 1 pad
  • 1 plastic bag (football-folded to take up less space) - this is just 'cause I've learned it's handy to have a bag on hand at times.
  • Utility knife - so useful.
  • Tic-tacs and chewing gum
  • Hairband (wrapped around tic-tac case to keep it closed)
  • 1 quarter - for the shopping carts at Aldi
  • Flashlight - another item which I've found useful to carry around
Other items- When I go out and about I typically stick my hairbrush in as well, but that doesn't stay there; I use it too often.  My phone also (obviously) gets brought along wherever I go.  If I know I'll be out and about for any great length of time I'll also stick in my contact case in so as to make sure I can take out my contacts if need be.

Daily Tasks -
When I suddenly realized half-way through the day that I was supposed to be working through this challenge, it was a relief to check the list and see that this part was already done.  I've been challenging myself to be more faithful in making sure that I don't procrastinate on these items and get them done early on in the day, and this was definitely one day where it paid off and my efforts were rewarded.  :)

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