Dec 8, 2014

Cloth Diaper Stash - 1st Report, before baby

Thus far, my current/proposed cloth diapering stash (part of which is still under progress) is looking like this:

  • 9 pocket diapers - made using RRP pattern, but modified to include a PUL layer. (I've made three so far, and the pieces for the other 6 have been cut and are ready to sew.)
  • 1 AIO diaper - modified from RRP pattern (In progress)
  • 4 diaper covers, for use as AI2s - 2 Flip (OS), 1 Thirsties duo wrap (size 1), and 1 Kawaii Baby cover (OS). (Bought and ready-to-use.)
  • Liners & inserts - I haven't counted/finished collecting and making these yet, but I'm hoping for between 25-35 by the time I'm done, in a variety of fabrics. (In progress)
  • 2 wet bags - 1 large for everyday use,  1 small for the diaper bag. (I have the PUL, but haven't started making these yet.)
 Hopefully I'll be able to give a progress report after "Nutella" is born noting what has/hasn't worked as well as what I found I needed to add.  In the meantime, I'm continuing to read up on what has and hasn't worked for other moms and take notes on the matter. :)

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