Nov 18, 2014

Grocery Shopping Trip and Menu Plan - 11/17/14

While I technically could have made this trip very small and still gotten by with plenty of food for the week, I decided that I wanted to stock up the pantry more instead.  A lot of the items on here, therefore, aren't included in this week's menu plan.  The raisin bran was a splurge, as I'd stopped myself from getting it last time I was at Aldi, only to crave it all week long.  :P

I rather wish I had photos to go along with this post, as mere items and prices are quite boring... but by the time I got home it was dinnertime and we were hungry, so the groceries were quickly put in their places rather than photographed.



Lunch meat, turkey - $3.49
  +$3.49 Friday freebie coupon
  +$.50 Jingit rebate
Dillons Total - $.50 moneymaker


Tortilla chips - $1.19
Raisin bran - $1.79
Potatoes, 10lb - $1.49
Sweet potatoes -$.99
Onions - $.99
Rice - $1.49
Black beans - $2.49
Scalloped potatoes - $.79
Spaghetti noodles - $.89
Spaghetti sauce - $.99
Canned broth, x2 - $.98
Canned corn, x2 - $.98
Cream of mushroom soup - $.49
Cottage cheese - $2.29
Cheese, 8oz block, x2 - $3.78
Butter - $2.29
  +$.25 Checkout51 rebate
Tilapia fillets - $3.99
Italian sausage - $3.49
12-grain bread - $1.79
  +$1.00 Snap rebate
Aldi Total (+tax) - $34.77


Water, 32 bottles - $2.96
Cornmeal - $1.58
Assorted (*ahem*junkfood*ahem*) foodstuffs for Dylan to take to work - @$9

Walmart Total (+tax) - $14.79

Trip Total: $49.06

Dinner Menu:
Monday: Chicken pot pie
Tuesday: White chili w/ cornbread
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Ham & cheese sandwiches, sweet potato, salad
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Chicken enchiladas, peas
Sunday: Leftovers

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