Nov 16, 2014

Awkward & Awesome {+Bump Photo}


  • Using the timer on a camera to take a selfie and the inevitable racing back and forth between posing and setting up camera.  'Nough said.
  • Craving - and drinking - smoothies and milkshakes everyday when the temperature is below freezing and you're already cold.
  • Bought spray paint for hubby yesterday and had the following conversation...  Cashier: "Are you 18?"  Me: "Actually, I'm 20..." Cashier: "I need to see I.D., you don't look it." Me: *hands license to cashier* Cashier: "mmm.... 1994... I guess you are..." Me: *grumpy cat face*
  • My phone randomly deciding to receive certain text messages 24+ hours AFTER they were sent.
  • Not really fitting in regular clothes anymore, but also not filling out maternity clothing enough to wear most of it.


  • Starting to feel the baby kick.  I can't even begin to describe how mind-bogglingly incredible this is.
  • Receiving the gift of a baby seat from a friend who didn't need it for her babies.  
  • Intense, stimulating discussions with Dylan.  I find it very fun to probe deeply into a subject with my best friend and come away feeling energized and excited.  Just this past Sunday the sermon we heard began a lengthy conversation touching on libertarianism, Machiavelli, and education.
  • Getting gift cards on Swagbucks (aff).  If I'm diligent about it I can earn a $5 Amazon gift card in a little more than a week, which is totally worth it given how little effort it actually takes.
  • Having in-laws nearby.  My family moved fairly often when I was growing up and I generally only got to see grandparents and cousins once per year.  Having family nearby is a novel and wonderful experience for me.

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